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ClimbA Mini

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The ClimbA Mini is the ultimate climbing play equipment for your child. It helps your active child to safely climb, play and explore from a young age. The ClimbA Mini has slimmer rungs, a lower height and a flatter base, so your baby will be able to safely grasp the rungs as they learn to pull themselves up. Climbing up and down the equipment helps with dexterity and to develop fine motor skills. The ClimbA Mini will be a great addition for any toddler as climbing also helps them to strengthen muscles in their back, arms and legs. Other than this, toddlers will be entertained and occupied for hours while playing with this ClimbA Mini. Since building an environment for toddlers where they can explore their abilities and develop skills as they grow is very important. The ClimbA Mini is one such climbing toy that promotes hand-eye coordination, strength and much more.

It is made from high-quality hardwood. So, you can be sure about its durability and stability. It comes with a Hex key and you won’t require any other tool to assemble this climbing equipment.

Recommended Ages: 6+ months

ClimbA Mini Includes:

  • 1 Pikler Hardwood Frame (With A Varnish Finish)
  • Hex Key for Assembling
  • 18 bolts

Dimensions: Height: 45cm x Length: 45cm x Width: 49cm

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