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Koala Dream

Left & Right Hand Puzzle

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This unique puzzle board incorporates both left and right hand shapes that can be easily removed from the sturdy base, allowing children to enhance their numeracy skills by individually removing fingers to practice counting.

With this puzzle board, children embark on an exciting journey of discovery as they develop a deeper understanding of numbers while honing their fine motor skills. By removing fingers from the left and right hand shapes, little ones can actively participate in counting exercises, making learning both interactive and enjoyable.

One of the distinctive features of this puzzle board is its inclusion of Australian sign language for numbers from one to ten. By incorporating Australian sign into the puzzle board, children not only expand their numerical knowledge but also gain exposure to a valuable communication tool, promoting inclusivity and empathy.

This innovative learning tool not only helps children grasp the concept of counting and numerical sequencing but also introduces them to the concept of left and right. Understanding the distinction between left and right is crucial for building spatial awareness and cognitive skills, and this puzzle board provides a hands-on approach to reinforce this concept. 

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